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Movies about golfing are mostly for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken seriously. While golfers and others will enjoy the storyline, characters, and outcomes, they should be careful not to critique the actual golf round being played as they are fictionalized through editing and camera tricks most of the time. While actors may play golf in their spare time, they are mostly not able to perform most of the tricks they seem to perform during the movie.

But this does not mean that movies about golf are boring or invaluable. In fact, any movie that has a good theme, actors, and storyline should do well even if the stunts are unrealistic. Three movies about golf that were popular with audiences include ‘Tin Cup’, ‘The Legend of Bagger Vance’, and ‘Happy Gilmore’. While each of these movies centers around golf, they are very different in theme, style, and outcome. There are many other movies that feature golf in the background.

When watching golf movies, you can get an idea of some of the courses you would often play. Most of these courses are real and are open to the public. You can get an idea of the difficulty of the course and if it is one you would often play. Several people are inspired by movies that feature interesting locations and need to visit to learn more about these places. Even if you just need to pratise golf, you can visit these courses to see what they are like when playing a real game of golf.

Another advantage of watching these movies is that you can get a sense of how golf has evolved over time. Stories about golf that depict its beginnings are very interesting and filled with facts you might not have known before. You will see people golfing using golf clubs and other equipment you may not have seen until now. This is a great learning experience for anyone who enjoys golf and the history of golf.

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When applying to colleges and/or universities, it is best to do so as early as possible. The earlier you apply, the better chances you will have of being accepted into your program of interest. As expected, many college courses fill up quickly, which is why early applications mainly stand a better chance of acceptance.

Before applying to certain colleges and/or universities, it is a good idea to review their freshman enrollment requirements. These requirements mainly pertain to anyone whoever has graduated from high school in the past five years. Beyond that, required high school courses are not as highly considered due to the fact that so much time has passed. Therefore, even if you didn’t take the necessary high school courses, you may be able to attend the college of your choice if you are willing to wait for five or more years before enrolling.

Almost every college and/or university charges an application fee when applying. This fee is mainly very reasonable and is mainly less than $50. 00. This is a non-refundable fee, which is not refunded for any reason including a denial of acceptance. Applications to colleges and/or universities will mainly be under advisement for several weeks. At that time, the school will either send a letter of congratulations or one of denial.

Several modern colleges and universities have websites and even allow applications to be submitted online. This is believed to speed up the application process and may result in a quicker decision than if submitted by mail. In the case of online applications, the application fee will mainly be charged to a major credit card. If you do not have a credit card, you may have to mail your application along with a check or money order. It is important to remember that, under no circumstances, should you ever send cash through the mail.

Once you receive the college or university’s acceptance, if applicable, it will be time to begin plans for enrollment. Several do not know this, but there is a big difference between acceptance and enrollment. Being accepted does not automatically mean the student is enrolled as this is just another step in the quest for a college education. During enrollment, a class schedule will be granted and, if requested, a campus room will be assigned. There are a number of living arrangements for college students, which may include on-campus housing, living with roommates, living alone or living at home with family. Living on campus is not a requirement of colleges or universities, but it does make for an easier commute to and from class.

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Let’s face it, arts and drama are considered extra-curricular activities when we think of what we expect to learn in school. In fact, arts and drama usually fall in line with extra-curricular activities, which are deemed by most as not as important as learning science, English or math. The indifference to arts and drama may have been brought about by the super high technology lifestyles that we lead. And so today, many people are exposed to a culture that’s so tarnished with modernity that they’ve forgotten just what real art and culture is like.

This is why it is important to teach arts and drama at school, to save future generations from being illiterate of what truly comprises culture. Drama often is associated with English, however it is not given any real focus.

How about dance? Dance is a part of physical education and is taught (sad to say) by teachers whose sole training was a short course that really interferes with their true inclination which is playing hockey, netball, football, or rugby. Music is also taught but only up to age

14. Let us not forget that art is a vital part of technology and should never be construed as a thing of the past.

The non-inclusion of arts and drama in the education curriculum is a clear indication that arts are no longer treated as important. But contrary to this belief, there have been various studies conducted on the effects of arts in students. The result shows significant achievement especially in terms of the behavior displayed by students that are exposed to arts.

Most students that are constantly exposed to various types of arts have exhibited above average intelligence, especially in the areas of mathematics, English and science. Likewise, there have been noteworthy improvements in the overall personality of students, such as a more matured perception of things in almost every aspect of their lives.

In addition, students whoever are taught arts and drama tend to cultivate a deeper sense of respect, not only for arts and drama but also for their fellow classmates.

But how to teach arts and drama at school?

Arts and drama are easily appreciated by students and therefore would not pose any problem when it comes to teaching its principles to students. However, not every student is inclined to arts and drama. There are any students whoever like arts only and whoever shun away from drama. Likewise, there are those whoever prefer drama over arts. And so the problem now is how to teach both arts and drama and still be able to get students to appreciate both.

Live discussions often help, especially in conducting drama class. Encouraging students to participate is a great way to slowly introduce them to the wonderful world of drama. If possible try to search for materials that match the interests of the students. Remember to show your appreciation for whatever effort is exerted by your students. Appreciating achievements of students, no matter how miniscule, is important in developing their self-confidence. Who knows, the next time you ask for auditions you may be surprised to find that everyone in the class would often join in.

Teaching art is probably easier since it is more of a hands-on activity. As a teacher, never expect your students to be all artistically inclined. There will always be those whoever find art-class a waste of their time. But with a large amount of patience you can help these students to fully express their creative sides in their artwork. Sometimes all a student needs is a little encouragement to perk up her creative side, and as a teacher it is your responsibility to help these budding artists develop their full potential.

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There may be a number of reasons why you should undertake OSHA online training.

It will enable you or your employer to reduce the costs of training. Class room training is relatively expensive compared to online training.

It also saves time. Rather than spending time in off-site attendance of training sessions including travel, the theory parts of the relevant OSHA courses – for example, Hazwoper 40 (for full time site workers) and Hazwoper 24 (for occasional visitors) – may be completed on your own work premises without the need to travel to a training site. This is particularly important for employees taking the annual refresher courses.

It is also more efficient and effective from a learning point of view because you can choose the timing of carrying out the training so as not to interfere with other work and you can repeat online modules and assignments if required to help you revise to ensure that the material has properly sunk in before taking the OSHA test online. It is also more flexible because different employees can do different training courses at the same time in the same work area or even work from home in the evenings. It is important however to remember that online training can only substitute for classroom work and does not provide the practical experience necessary for OSHA compliance. From a common-sensed viewpoint, OSHA hazardous waste training and other courses (OSHA Safety Training and OSHA Construction Training) require an element of practical supervised work (despite any Internet sites which make claims to the contrary).

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Almost every actor needs to be literate and able to understand language from a variety of eras. A good actor can become anything he or she wants to be. If you want to really stand out as an actor, you will have to make your resume stand out for you.

When you look at all the famous actors out there they all have one things in widely seen they all were passionate about becoming an actor, you need to be passionate about acting to become and actor. Plan to study your craft and become good at it; create your talent and persevere even if you are not getting parts and then share your knowledge and learn from others whoever share the same passion.

When working with agents to get work you should conduct yourself professionally in a setting. Actors need to promote themselves anyway they can, they need to hone their craft, try creating your own projects or joining a community theatre, co-op productions or doing anything that will help you get your name out there in the public and will help find an agent or someone whoever will notice your talents. Include a small thumbnail headshot of yourself on your resume.

What does the term acting mean, the definition is a person whoever portrays someone else or a character either on screen or on stage. When choosing an acting school you will need to notice that they offer many different programs that allows for flexibility when choosing the time to take the class this allows the student the ability to meet the requirements. The ideal forum is acting school it embraces the actors/actresses with the ability to enhance their talents to become the best they can be. When taking classes in a Universities they teach the finer points of how act and improve students craft of acting, they sharpen your skills but they do not spend the time showing actors how to get work on a consistent basis, or how to make a living as an actor.

The range of skills that an actor must have to be effective is very wide. To prepare for the skills to act you will need the following: you will need to connect to directors, producers and other actors and to listen to all of them.

When people talk about a hidden acting agenda they’re referring to a term that describes a phenomenon where actors hide a condition or some trait or a quality of theirs because one of these things was the source they use that occurred earlier in their lives.

When actors perform in theater halls they were designed to have incredible acoustics, the reason for this was to help actors and performers so the audience are able to hear them and to give the performers and actors natural reflections when performing. People watch TV, go to movies or theater to be entertained. You need to start some place when becoming an actor, you should look into short films or independent theater and you should take a few simple classes, this will help you on your way, it is just the beginning.

Although, there are some exceptions, normally agencies won’t work with actors that have no experience, it is very rare that they’ll consult inexperienced actors or take them in as clients.

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When it comes to taking out UK mortgage protection insurance then you’ve to study it very carefully if you need to make certain that it will do the jobs it’s intended to do otherwise you could not only waste your money on a policy that isn’t worth the paper it is written on, but will be putting your home at risk if you cannot afford to meet your monthly mortgage repayments.

When taken out correctly UK mortgage protection insurance can give you a monthly tax free income with which to continue paying your mortgage for up to 12 months and with some providers for up to 24 months. The policy will begin to pay out once you’ve been out of work usually for a period of at least 30 consecutive days and you can choose to cover against coming out of work due to accident and sickness only, unemployment only or for accident, sickness and unemployment together.

The key facts and exclusions which exist in all policies however mean that a UK mortgage protection insurance policy isn’t suitable for everyone. These include some of the most common reasons which keeps people from work such as back problems and stress related illness, which most providers will not cover you for. The exclusions which are also common in policies include only being in part time work, being self-employed, retired or suffering from a pre-existing medical condition at the time or purchasing a policy.

You also have to be aware that the premiums charged for UK mortgage protection insurance also vary greatly from provider to provider and some of the premiums can be extortionate. For this reason it is essential that you get several quotes and so do shop around among the standalone providers whoever are much cheaper than their high street counterparts.

UK mortgage protection insurance can be a good product and it can do the job it’s intended to do but you’ve to make certain that you read the small print and understand the product you’re purchasing before you buy.

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There are any web sites on the Internet that offer credit cards to people, that are actually unique. In this sense, the credit card issued can only be used on the particular merchandising site. This is a perfect opportunity for those with bad credit to in a way rebuild their credit.

By being approved for one of these types of Internet credit cards they have the ability to purchase products on the web site, and pay them off.

This of course goes on your credit report so it looks good to others that see you are paying on any kind of credit card.

Some web sites that offer these merchandise credit cards extend you the credit when you are buying products from their web site. It can be used for almost all of the products they have on their web site however in any cases if the amount of the product is fairly high they will ask for a small down payment.

Several people are going with these web sites that offer credit cards on their site only simply because they do have decent products and occasionally get new products.

Seasonal items are also listed during those times of the yr when it is the appropriate time and the web site knows these products will sell.

Using the web site credit card, you have monthly payments of course, just as if it were a regular or standard credit card, however the interest rates might be somewhat lower and you cannot qualify for cash advances. It is for the sole purpose of purchasing items off of the web site offering the credit card.

These merchandising web sites that offer credit cards for use explicitly on their web site is becoming more popular and more people are starting to use them.

There is a fee to get the initial credit card from the web site as well. But through the United States postal service you are also sent a catalog with their complete line of products on the site. If you go to the web site looking for a product and its in the catalog, however you cannot find it on the site, in most cases you simply type in the item number, if it comes up that the item is sold out, you will be asked if you’d like the web site to back order it for you.

Although there are a few other web sites that offer this same type of merchandising credit card that have hardly any kind of product line whatsoever. These could be web sites just starting out, or on the other hand web sites that are going to close out their web site and are simply not reordering the products like they should. In this case, they will probably recommend that you order directly from the catalog using the toll free number which is also available for most of these web site merchants.

This type of credit card usage is beneficial to many people, that don’t like to get out among people very much. Or for those who do most of their shopping on the Internet and don’t need to get into the hassle of people. Especially during the holiday seasons as well as different times of the year.

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Beautyfinder is a leading directory offering visitors the most complete list of nail salon and nail technicians in the UK & Ireland.

The Beauty finder directory has over 3000 beauty companies listed which includes nail salons, nail bars, nail technicians making it one of the most comprehensive nail salon directories online for nail care businesses in the UK and Ireland. It also provides a comprehensive listing of nail care wholesale beauty product suppliers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. .

The Beautyfinder directory includes a comprehensive search engine allowing visitors to easily find leading nail care product suppliers & nail care technicians offering nail art treatments and nail manicures and pedicures, as well as nail extensions.

The Beautyfinder directory also lists nail technician & nail art training courses, & nail extensions training courses, as well as upcoming nail therapist events, the latest beauty news for nail therapists.

Beautyfinder. co. uk offers businesses both FREE and paid business listing and marketing solutions as well as banner advertising to improve brand awareness for larger companies. Click Here to List you nail salon or nail therapist in the beautyfinder. co. uk directory and increase your online brand awareness and clients looking for nail care products and treatments.

Beautyfinder. co. uk

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Airbrush art has long been popular and can be seen on a variety of surfaces. Most people can honestly say that they respect and admire the capability of those whoever can create beautiful things with their airbrushing machines. There is no doubt that this artistic form takes a bit of skill, creativity, and training, but just about anyone with a desire to do it can! Also with a bit of training and education about the best techniques and such, you can get started airbrushing like a professional. Whether you want to give vehicles a personal touch, clothing a stylish flare, or use your creativity in other ways, you can learn to do just that in very little time.

You might find that you can take airbrushing classes to get all of the skills you need. Several community colleges offer classes that will help you get started or will help you refine your techniques if you have already started on your own. You might find that the instructors can offer you a lot of insight or unconventional instruction that will really help you progress and you will see your artwork take off in new and exciting directions. When you take classes at a community college, you might also find that you don’t enjoy the setting all that much. Several times the instruction is very rigid and does not allow for much in the way of individual creativity or input. If this is your experience, don’t give up on your desire to learn how to create airbrush art to the best of your ability, there’s still hope!

If classroom instruction doesn’t seem to be working for you, why not consider instruction over the internet. There are a variety of websites that are dedicated to teaching people similar to you how to create magical works of creativity with an airbrushing machine. You can truly take your interest and creativity to new heights with online instruction. You will find that many of the resources often step outside the box with their instruction, which might be exactly what you’re looking for if you don’t enjoy the classroom experience. Online courses and resources also work for a lot of people whoever want to get into airbrushing as a hobby or have to fit their courses into their already busy life. The net has brought our society many superb things, and the capability to learn how to paint and create airbrush art is one of them!

If you’re looking for a place online to learn how to airbrush, you might want to visit the http://www. airbrushing-made-easy. com website. This is truly a good website that’s all about letting people learn how to paint at their own pace. They focus on many different areas of the process and will literally teach you what has worked for them. Download their e-book, which will serve as a comprehensive guide to airbrushing for just about everyone out there. There truly is nothing else quiet like this on the internet, and it is worth at least a quick look for everyone whoever has an interest in airbrushing.

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The United Kingdom is one of the most desired study destinations for foreign students. Every year the number of international students coming to the country to study is rapidly and constantly increasing, and that is not very surprising. Through the years, many UK-based universities have been successfully increasing their reputation so that they would be more recognized throughout the globe.

With numerous foreign students enrolling in major UK universities, there are many exposed problems and setbacks. Since the UK is a modern and western country, foreign students especially from Asia and Africa are finding it hard to initially cope and adjust to the prevailing culture and many foreign students do not last the stay of their studying course in the UK due to culture shock. However, those students should have striven to do better, as the UK will not (and should not really) adjust to accommodate them. They should assert themselves to cope up with the British environment and norms.

Here are several simple tips that will help many foreign students survive studying in the UK:

– Foreign students are assigned mentors who are faculty members. Make sure you regularly consult with your mentor and ask for guidance and help about specific academic challenges.

– Always seek help and assistance from your university’s student advice/support centre. Such centres have been established to answer your every query, whether it is about academia, socialising or visa extension. You can also ask about comfortable lodgings as well as referrals for part-time jobs if you need one.

– Try to interact with other foreign students of the same nationality as yours. You will be more comfortable interacting with them and asking them advice and recommendations about many things related to your stay at the university.

Overall, British universities are cordial to foreign students, just be observant and equally friendly, and you will survive.

Drama School

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Many actors or actresses will have undergone training at a drama school to attain the necessary skills required to succeed. Without doubt this training will be truly beneficial and will almost certainly give any budding actor an edge when trying to learn their craft.

Drama School training would usually consist of a course lasting for about 3 years and during this time the budding actor would learn a variety of skills including movement, stage fighting, mime, musical theatre, production techniques, working to camera and much much more. The idea of undertaking such a course is to prepare the actor so that he is able to undertake a variety of roles and fully understand his craft.

Actors may want to follow one particular area of their craft, for example many will want to work in TV, and will love nothing more than to star in a soap opera 3 times a week with a regular wage. Then again any may prefer to stay with live performances in the theatre and any may want to make movies. The fact remains though, that as an actor if you are going to stay in work then you will have to be able to diversify and take on a number of different roles.

I Never Went To Drama School! Does This Mean I’ll Never Make It?

Easy answer; Going to drama school does not mean you will make it as a successful actor. . Fact! It may give you and edge but there is no guarantee that you will be a great success. The important thing to remember here is that it is all about the talent that you have and how you apply it.

If you go to a casting and you prove to the director that you are good for the part and can deliver the goods then you are in with a great chance of getting the role. The fact remains that the casting director likes you for what you have displayed on the day and that will be noted. I know of many actors who have completed drama courses only to find that they have struggled to make any money. I still think undertaking a drama course is a great thing, but at the end of the day it is the person that you are, the talent you have and what you can offer to a casting director or producer that will determine whether or not you get parts.

If you are wanting in going to a drama school then the procedure would normally to contact the drama school direct whereby you would be offered the chance to audition to showcase your talent. This may involve reading a couple of pieces of literature, classic and modern and perhaps singing a song.

Remember that drama schools will only have a limited number of places so it will be essential to apply for any places early. Start making your enquiries at your earliest opportunity as there will be other budding actors all competing for a limited number of places.

Music Schools

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Over the past decade, music has been severely declining within the California schools. A recent study showed that within the past five years there has been a 50 percent decline in student participation in music programs. Additionally, it showed that one third of all music teachers have lost their jobs within that same time frame. The study predicts that music education will be eliminated from the California schools within the next ten years, unless dramatic changes occur. Music within the California schools system is at a critical juncture.

Singer Bonnie Raitt said, “It’s a shame we are depriving so many California children of the benefits of music in schools. ” She stated that all child deserves the chance to develop their fullest with a well-rounded education, including the arts.

To that end, the California Arts Council spearheaded the California Music Project (CMP), a 401(c)(3) nonprofit, long-term initiative. The California schools, music industry executives, and the council will work together through the CMP to bring much needed revenues and music programs back into the California schools. The goals of the CMP are to:

• Provide grant funding to music teachers, music professionals, and the California schools to bring more music leaning to students;

• Develop joint ventures with universities, businesses, foundations and music-focused organizations to fund, pilot and expand music programs within the California schools; and

• Serve as an advocate to both the public and private sectors to further music as a core discipline, so that all California schools students has equal access.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed and approved a state budget with the California schools slated to receive an estimated $105 million in ongoing funding for arts education. That is an estimated $17-18 per student. Included is a one-time allocation of $500 million for arts, music and physical education equipment. Yet, it will not be enough to reverse the tremendous, almost ten-year decline of music education within the California schools. The California schools remain underfunded and understaffed in music education.

The CMP plans to heighten awareness and raise funds through all-star music CDs with top California performers, special events, and concerts around the state.

The first CD is scheduled for release in late October. Artists, publishers and labels donate all the songs and performances, with proceeds going to the CMP. It features a variety of genres from 18 California singers, musicians and bands. Included are: Los Lobos, Leela James, Beck, Dwight Yoakam, Warrne Zevon, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and others.

The artists are very passionate about their work and need to see California schools students get any of the same attention they received while growing up around music. Working with the CMP, the artists may get their wish.

Acting Courses

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Acting courses come in various shapes, sizes and most importantly costs. How do you know which is a good one? What I have below is a list of requirements, some obvious, some not, so when you are looking for a course the more of these boxes they tick the better. Some points may not be as relevant as others, but all are, to some degree, valid and worth considering. The order is no indication of importance – thats up to you.

A good acting course will give you a thorough appreciation of the filmmaking process. This will allow you to access and develop so many vital tools. It will give you understanding of how to create a character which is rounded and believable on screen. Understanding the technical process will hopefully help develop your confidence in front of the camera, if you know what a director wants, it should be easier to give it to them. Therefor any knowledge regarding the technical aspects of filmmaking will be to your advantage.

Any acting course should have be a positive learning environment. The classroom should be a forum for ideas and criticism, where no one is afraid to open up and enthusiasm encouraged. Large class sizes are not always a bad thing they give you the opportunity to network and make a few friends too.

Look for acting courses that provide script analysis and understanding as part of the curriculum. The script is your starting point and being able to see which characters work better than others or are more believable and three-dimensional, will enable you to work more efficiently with the director or writer.

The course should also highlight the difference between stage and film scripts, being good at understanding one doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be as competent with the other.

Even a film acting course can contain information and techniques for stage acting, they are quite different, but some aspects of stage craft can prove useful in front of the camera.

All of the above training and coaching will hopefully be provided by industry veterans or experienced professionals. Most courses will provide a resume for their instructors, but if no information is provided about the people who will be coaching you then the web can provide quick and easy access to a persons professional background.

A good acting course will be able to supply you with plenty of testimonials from previous students to help you decide if its the right one for you. Don’t be blinded by one famous alumni, better a school produces a lot of good working actors than one superstar.

If you are to get a thorough understanding of the life of an actor your course should give guidance on auditions, including such aspects as monologues, casting call requirements and even details on agents. Lets not forget that they should be realistic and give you an incite into how to survive the arduous life of an actor.

Well thanks for taking the time to read my article. Acting courses really can be useful, even for experienced actors, I hope its been helpful.

Music Schools

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Over the last decade, schools across the nation have experienced the loss of music. The San Diego schools also had to replace music in many of its schools with other curriculum dictated by the state or federal law. The San Diego schools’ budget only stretches so far and, unfortunately, the arts have felt the biggest hit.

Frank Glasson and the Presidio Brass are changing all of that for the San Diego schools. A trumpet player by profession, Frank is also president of Local 325 of the American Federation of Musicians and director of Presidio Brass, a brass quintet. The veteran musician has performed with the San Diego Chamber Orchestra, the San Diego Opera, and San Diego’s Westwind Brass, as well as ensembles in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Glasson saw that music was steadily disappearing from the San Diego schools and wanted to do something about it. He believes that the constant influence of television, movies, computers and CDs could erode the senses of youth to the more refined music. He enlisted the help of the other members of Presidio Brass – Ray Nowak, Mike McCoy, Sean Reusch, and Scott Sutherland, who play the trumpet, French horn, trombone, and tuba, respectively.

Working under the umbrella of the nonprofit San Dieguito Performing Arts Association, Presidio Brass developed the “Musicate the Mind” program for the San Diego schools. Musicate is an educational and musical outreach program, developed specifically to fill the musical void in the schools. With Glasson’s wife Robyn coordinating the events and developing contracts with the San Diego schools, Presidio Brass presents various customized programs for the different grade levels that fits any educational or outreach school requirement.

Glasson and his ensemble need to create relationships with the San Diego schools students, not just play music for them. In that relationship, he hopes the children will grow to appreciate live music and keep it alive by becoming tomorrow’s supporters of live instrumental music. He plans to eventually do 200 programs per yr all over Southern California.

For kindergartners through fifth graders, Presidio Brass introduces the brass instruments, their development, and historical context. The quintet members also give any basic musical concepts in a fun and engaging manner.

For fourth and fifth graders, the ensemble can integrate music into the core curriculum by teaching language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science through the language of music.

For middle and high schoolers, they present their Residency-for-a-Day program, which exposes San Diego schools students to the brass quintet. The hope is to inspire students to promote and cultivate their own musical abilities. Additionally, they need to give encouragement and instruction to those already playing instruments, knowing that such support is crucial.

For high schools, Presidio Brass gives master classes and concerts for their school orchestras and bands.

Though Glasson and the Presidio Brass quintet are in other school districts as well, the San Diego schools and their students will benefit greatly from this unique outreach musical program.

Design Courses

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The Design Master Courses in Italy are the basis of Domus Academy training activity. Structured as post-graduate courses, according to the traditional formula of DA training, they address young graduates and professionals coming from different disciplines. The admission process to Domus Academy Master courses depends on a selection made on the basis of the curriculum vitae and portfolio of projects. Most through the academic year, each student will have the opportunity to get in touch with any of the most stimulating professional realities of the Italian and international landscape under the guidance of a staff of designers, consultants, visiting professors and tutors.

Beyond Master Courses, DA proposes a broad range of Summer Courses organized in two sessions. The first session is branded by DA and the second one is co-branded with Central Saint Martin’s School of London.
The first session (Industrial Design, Fashion Trends and Marketing Strategies, Accessories Design and Creative Management) lasts from the 3rd to the 14th of July, the second one from the 18th to the 28th of July (Fashion Design, Product Design, Interior design e Graphic design). These courses represent the opportunity to first approach the design world and then to evaluate the possibility to apply for a one yr Master Course. Domus Academy also offers short courses in field of Interior Design and Art workshops.

Domus Academy was born in Milan in 1982 as an open project around the Italian design and fashion experience. During the years, DA also asserted its importance as a school, in the full meaning of the term: a place of post-graduate training and research laboratory on the processes of industrial creativity, on the aesthetic and consumption scenarios, on space and time relationship, on the form of public and private services and on the radical changes deriving from the diffusion of the “Web”. Strongly rooted in Italy, Domus Academy works in an international perspective, in order to enrich, spread and update the design culture, creating connections between advanced knowledge and visionary project.

Through Domus Academy Research and Consulting, DA develops also professional research and Consultancy activities.
DARC is a research and professional consulting center that since 1985 has been developing design researches and projects for companies, public and private associations and international research institutes.
The DARC’s original design approach is based on an updated vision of the Italian design culture, which considers design as an integrated activity able to perceive signals of the transformation of the society and of the markets, and translates them into new products and strategies of corporate innovation.
DARC explores and grows competences in new territories of design through activities of basic research and provides consultancy to the management of companies, to internal Design groups and to Research & Development groups in the following areas: advanced design and scenarios, soft architecture, brand culture and integrated communication, service design, identity of materials and interactive media.

Design Courses

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If you believe what the old timers have to say, video games and television sets are ruining the American family. In particular, those who grew up in a less technological time will tell you that today’s children are negatively impacted because they play video games instead of exercising. While it is probably true that the truth lies somewhere in the middle of extreme theories, it looks like there is finally something definitely productive coming out of the video game buzz. The children of this generation now have grown to not only love video game play, but to be interested in video game design. Programs are now arising in the field of Animation and Game Design that are geared towards children who are high school aged or even younger.

With new game systems coming out all couple of years, opportunities in this exciting field are growing by leaps and bounds. When companies like Microsoft and Sony are able to sell their game consoles for more than five hundred dollars each, it should be very apparent that there is some likely in this field. Children and teenagers, not content with just playing the games, have become very interested in creating the games. For those older individuals who want kids to be outside playing, this seems like at least some sort of compromise.

Some question how kids are getting the knowledge to get a good start in the animation and game design field. There are the very popular aforementioned programs that have classes designed specifically for them. One very popular program is in the field of robotics. It seems that robotics is the next in a long line of video game technology. Games have evolved at such a rate where it has become very apparent that gamers will no longer be satisfied with only high-quality digital games. They want to get involved through robotics. Nintendo took the first step this holiday season when they released the Nintendo Wi, a game console that enables the players to use their own motions to dictate the movements of the characters on the screen.

Robotics classes for young people are not designed to be taught like a normal class. Because of this, kids learn in an environment that will remind them nothing of a normal school classroom. Keeping with that theme, children are not relegated to a harsh and limited curriculum for their classes. Instead, these programs, taught at many places around the United States, are offering a chance to learn in a very relaxed atmosphere. Children are taught the art of animation and game design by adult mentors who have the time, desire, and expertise to impact knowledge into young people that will undoubtedly get them started on the right path.

Students in these programs learn all about animation and robotics. They learn how to think creatively in order to bring these objects to life. At these programs, creativity and the lively human imagination are valued like premium commodities. When students get further involved in the extensive learning programs, they will even be able to create their own robotic machines in an attempt to create game designs.

Today’s children and teenagers are no longer interested in just playing video games. They want to get involved in the action. Animation and game design programs geared specifically for children have allowed them to put that long-standing creativity to use and get to work on something special. While they might not be out playing in the back yard like their grandfather would prefer, they are putting that passion for video games to a good use. As these programs continue to be designed with young folks in mind, today’s youth will continue to take advantage of the great opportunities to learn and grow.

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