The College hosts regular open days, talks, discussions & performances.
Sundays – Day long talks with films and food, covering a range of subjects.
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stone carvingStone Carving Course With Bill Billington
– for full details click here
Starting 10 Nov. 2011

Whether you’ve always wanted to give it a try, or you’re looking foir a new creative experience, this course promises
to be a diverse and fulfilling opportunity to learn the art of stone sculpture – for full course details, please click here.


Yoga In Daily Life – A Holistic Approach To Personal Growth
Friday 4th Nov 2011, 7pm
FREE of charge – donations welcome.

“When we get off our yoga mat, we move into the yoga mat of life”.
In our busy daily lives it is often hard to find the time for a solid ongoing spiritual practice. Agama Yoga invites you to join this inspiring talk about
how to integrate our practice into our daily life and how to transform all actions and activities into yoga, into union. This talk is suited to those
dabbling in yoga and similar disciplines as well as experienced practitioners.

About the teacher: Gabriella is a dedicated yogini and teacher. She has a background and is inspired by  traditions such as Tantra Yoga,
Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism and more. She has been teaching workshops, retreats, women’s groups and yoga classes around the world since 2005.
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Feminine Yoga Workshop –“The Union of Wisdom & Love”
Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th Nov 2011

yoga2 days feminine exploration of the hidden transformative beauty of body, emotions and mind… connecting to the woman’s heart…
During this workshop we will learn and experience different ways to connect to our feminine nature with the help of different tools: such as active and
guided meditations, dance, discourses and Hatha yoga. Expressing and celebrating our world in it’s full splendor, allowing our being to return to
its feminine natural state, and to awaken love into Blossoming.

This is an opportunity to take quality time for yourself together with other women in ‘Shaktihood’. This workshop will leave you with practical tools
that will help you to improve your life, deal with your emotions and bring joy and love to your actions, thoughts and Being.

Schedule (12 hours):  Saturday 2pm-8pm Sunday 10am-4pm

For registration please phone Silvia on 07523 448 562 or email
For questions regarding the workshop content please email Gabriella
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Fractal Brain Theory and the Nature of Consciousness
Sunday 9th October 2011

Public speaker and independent brain researcher Wai H. Tsang will be presenting a comprehensive theory of the brain and mind. He will explain that the brain is a fractal computing architecture and reveal an elegant way of understanding the brain’s structure and operation, showing the same basic fundamental structure and process, being repeated at all scales and all places in the brain.  Something  that leading brain researchers and artificial intelligence experts have only so far been able to hint at, will be demonstrated clearly in this cutting edge talk. While discussing the latest and most up to date ideas in neuroscience today, Wai will show that behind the mind numbing myraid complexity of the brain lies a stunningly beautiful and elegant simplicity.

In the later part of the talk he will deal with the question of the Nature of Consciousness and show that the reason why contemporary philosophers and neuroscientists haven’t been able to find the answer is because they are asking the wrong questions by assuming consciousness reduces to the physical brain. Wai will explain how the physical brain and the entire illusory physical universe reduces ultimately to One consciousness that may be called God.

This talk will be extremely relevant and utterly compelling for anyone interested in Psychology, Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, Cosmology or Esoteric Religion i.e. Tantra, Mystical Yoga, Kabbalah, Sufism, Gnosticism, Vajrayana Buddhism, Taoism.


Innovation in Education (+ Food & Film)

Sunday 2nd October 2011

Inner Spark talks and workshops unleash the participants’ power and creativity, uncovering their natural desire to learn.
They leave people feeling inspired, motivated and moved to action.

Sunday’s talk will be delivered by Tanya Moore and will include: review of current issues in Education and highlighting the need for change. Offering of solutions – Inner Spark Schools and workshops, using collaboration, creativity and putting children at the centre of their learning. A look at Educational approaches across the world, and sharing of effective teaching techniques. History, constraints and limitations in Western Education summary of Educational ideas and learning practises used in Tekos, Russia. Methodologies that can be used in Education with immediate effect overview of pedagogical approaches that will be used in Inner Spark Schools Offering of advanced learning techniques, including memory techniques that can be used to enhance all teaching and learning.

“Tanya has an incredible way of getting the best out people, she does it with passion, humility and gets to the greater you which is hiding inside. Keep doing your amazing work Tanya.” – The Coach with the Hat, aka Elliot Kay.


Esoteric Religion, Apocalypticism, Revolutionary Movements
Sunday 18th September 2011
Public Speaker Wai H. Tsang will explore some interest ideas that lie behind the formation and success of Revolutionary Movements,
which have been neglected by Political Scientists and Sociologists.