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Before a game of golf, many people practice first in order to be able to play their best during the game. Driving ranges are open fields complete with yard markers that tell golfers how far they have hit the ball. After paying for a bucket of gold balls, golfers use their own clubs to practice specific strokes and techniques that they may struggle with on the course. Those who enjoy golf will visit a driving range once or twice a week depending on their time and skill level in order to improve their game.

Driving ranges are easy to find and most gold clubs have them. If you are new to the game of golf, you should practice first in order to improve in areas where you are lacking. Using different clubs and practicing different swing methods, your game will improve over time. You can also hire a trainer that will give you tips and advice on improving your game. Once you feel you are ready to play an entire game of golf, you can feel confident knowing that you will be prepared for whatever happens on the course.

Because every golfer has a weakness or two when it comes to executing the perfect shot each time, practicing can help golfers reduce their slice, lengthen their range, and learn how to become more comfortable with different clubs. When practicing on the driving range, you should try to use each club at least once. This will give you a better idea about which clubs are the best and worst to work with. Driving ranges are open every day of the week, so you will have plenty of time to work on your game.

Golf has become more popular over the years because it is a challenging game that most people can play. If you are able to practice often, you will notice your control over your clubs and the ball will become greater. Take your time to perfect your swing when visiting the driving range. Use this practice ground to try new methods, improve older ones, and watch more experienced golfers. You will learn something new each time you visit the driving range.

If you don’t feel comfortable visiting a driving range yourself, ask a friend who enjoys golf. You can work together to improve your game and feel more comfortable on golf courses. Attending local matches will also help when you are trying to become a better golfer.

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Every woman needs to set aside time each week to do things simply because she enjoys them. Life is far too stressful to be spent only on tasks that give productive results. For many women, arts and crafts is a great way to enjoy a few hours and to leave the pressures of life behind.

I guarentee that no matter what kinds of arts and crafts interest you, there are many ways to enjoy them and even learn new arts and crafts. If you have the time and a little bit of extra money, I’d suggest singing up for an arts and crafts class. Look in the newspaper or do an online search for arts and crafts classes in your area. Grab a friend and try out a new class together. Many local arts and crafts shops will offer classes where you can learn a new skill in just a couple of hours a week. Go out on a limb and try something you have never done before. Have you always wanted to knit? Get to an arts and crafts store and take a knitting class.

For women who know all there is to know about arts and crafts, consider opening your home and hosting an arts and crafts class for neighbors and friends once a week. Allow women to gather and enjoy the pleasure of teaching them a new skill or hobby. You will enjoy the time spent with other women. And what a blessing to be able to share your talents with others.

If you do not have the time or money to enroll or host an arts and crafts class, you can still learn and enjoy new skills. Take some time to visit a library or bookstore and find a book that teaches the skill you want to learn. No woman should miss out on the fun and relaxation of arts and crafts simply because of money. Make some time in your schedule each week just to get away and learn about new arts and crafts until you can focus in on one that you want to learn. You can also search the net for resources on many arts and crafts.

A great thing about spending your free time doing arts and crafts is that you can beautify your home and prepare amazing gifts at the same time. Many hobbies are an end in themselves, but with arts and crafts you get to keep something amazing each time you create. Think about all of the birthday gifts or gifts for holidays that you could make rather than purchase. You will have fun, enjoy relaxing, and save money on gifts all at the same time.

Get out and make arts and crafts a part of your busy life. The relaxation and fun will be worth it.

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With online education continuing to explode, some people feel the days of traditional colleges are numbered. One online educator even said that traditional colleges are becoming a place vagabond youths go to congregate.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Below are the reasons I think traditional colleges will continue to survive, thrive, and play big roles in society.

1. Going away to college is like a rite of passage. There is nothing like that feeling of an 18 year old moving away from mom and dad for the first time. It connotes freedom. It is Freedom from being told what to do all the time. Why traditional colleges are more expensive than distance learning colleges, I would not have given up the chance at this freedom for a million dollars.

As a parent, I cannot fathom not letting my children have this same freedom and experience. It is an experience I so much enjoyed. It is only natural that I would want this freedom and experience for my beloved children.

2. Traditional colleges offer social networking that online education cannot. It is said it’s not often what you learn in college that matters, it is who you sit next to in class. Some of the people you sit next to in class will become lifelong friends and business associates.

This became more evident to me during the 2007 NCAA Basketball Championship. If you are a college basketball fan, you know the University of Florida won back to back college basketball championship in 2006 and 2007. This was made possible by a group of young men (Corey Brewer, Taurean Green, Al Horford and Joakim Noah) who became teammates and roommates.

These young men while at the University of Florida became special friends. Through this friendship, they bonded together and agreed to try to achieve something that was only done once (win back to back NCAA College Basketball Championship) since 1973. The other school that did it since 1973 is Duke University. Needless to say, they achieved this goal and will forever go down in the history of college basketball together.

Can online education provide such enabling environment?

I think NOT!

3. Traditional colleges have become icons in the communities they are located in. Some of these communities have come to love and identify with their schools.

Take Gainesville, Florida for example. Can you imagine the city of Gainesville, Florida without the University of Florida? The city of Gainesville will suffer untold economic and social hardships without the students of University of Florida.

4. Old habits die hard. There are still people who believe in the traditional way of learning. These people feel being on campus is the best way to learn. They will continue to support and go to traditional schools to do their learning.

5. There are majors that are not amenable to online learning. Until online schools figure out how to do things like chemistry or physics labs online, these type of majors will continue to be the forte of traditional colleges. Sometimes learning just involves getting your hands dirty.

While not exhaustive by any means, these are some of the reasons traditional colleges will continue to survive now and in the future. It is indeed too early to hold their obituary. In fact, such an obituary may never come in our lifetime.

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We all know that the surest way that we could go far in life and achieve the dreams that we have is through having an education that may take us to different places and help us achieve the position that we want in life for ourselves. But let’s face it; there are could be many things or circumstances that would lead us not to have the kind of degree that we are longing for like our jobs, family situations, and even financial matters that could hinder us from going for our dreams.

And if these things are the ones that is hindering you from going for what you love, which is having a college degree, you could now stop giving excuses and go for college credit courses online that are sure to make your every dream come true. Here is one of the best websites that is sure to support you when it comes to finding a college credit courses online that would make all your aspirations in venturing to a field that you think you would excel come to reality by providing you the latest tools that are effective in learning.

So whether you may be having doubts or really up for taking a college credit course online, you could now stop giving your excuses and make time for online schooling. Many Community Colleges,provide you with the best college credit courses online that are truly in demand in different kinds of industries that would truly become the first step in the ladder of success that you are about to take once that you have enrolled on one of them.

The college credit courses online that are being offered at the Institutions includes Criminology, Principles of Macroeconomics, Effective Teaching Methodology, and so much more that it is for sure that you will find something that is related to your current job or something that would be essential to what you would like to be when you have finished the programs. And once that you have taken that first step, it is for sure that you will eventually reap all the rewards of a better and brighter future.

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When planning your corporate events for the coming year, consider implementing a team building day to strengthen your company’s ability to work together, and at the same time enjoy a break from the pace of the daily work routine. Taking some time to improve employee relations, practice good teamwork, and reinforce your common goals has numerous benefits for everyone involved.

Corporate events can provide a great opportunity for everyone to relax or re-energize, share ideas, and reaffirm your shared commitment to creating success. The form that events take during a team building day can vary widely, limited only by the imagination. Particularly under the guidance of a trained professional, team building activities can help target any problem areas your company has been having, ease tensions, provide valuable reminders of the elements of successful teamwork, and create an enjoyable way to interact with coworkers. The payoffs can be huge, contributing to better morale on the job, and a more harmonious work environment. With an improvement in job satisfaction comes lower staff turnover and absenteeism, and improved productivity overall.

Some popular corporate team building activities include many things from cooking, to team sports, to simulations of “reality” television shows, and beyond. Activities can be chosen to reflect your team’s interests, or tailored to suit virtually any group. The main emphasis should be on fun, fairness, and cooperation – the benefits should follow naturally.

Taking the time to invest in your people will help demonstrate your belief in their value, and your dedication to helping them succeed. Teamwork is something that requires occasional nurturing, and is all too commonly neglected in the hectic pace of events at work. Over time, if neglected, you may end up with a group of talented yet frustrated individuals who are not able to adequately organize themselves without a more formal structure.

Find an enjoyable way to revitalize your company and keep people happy, focused, and motivated, working towards common goals. There are many professional resources available to help you along the way. Start by doing some browsing of the books or websites out there by business consultants with expertise in organizational development and team building. You are sure to find something to inspire and get your team back on track. Once you have some ideas, consider bringing in a professional to guide your team through the process. An objective outsider can provide just the advice and unbiased facilitation approach needed to help everyone relax, and enjoy the departure from your everyday roles.

Make the most of this opportunity to reunite your aims and efforts towards mutual success and satisfaction on the job. Teambuilding is a valuable endeavor at any stage of your company’s development, whether you are new, restructuring, or well established but in need of some rejuvenation. Do what it takes to retain your most valuable assets, your people, and ensure greater success for all.

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The access which one has today to visual arts through the World Wide Web makes buying artwork that much easier to do. Not only can individuals search items for sale in countries halfway around the world, but they can have them shipped to their door in a few days’ time. For those whoever are interested in purchasing visual arts items online, there are a few factors which one should consider when doing so.

One whoever would like to embark on a visual arts online shopping trip will find that they have quite a bit of options at their disposal in the way of artwork availability. There are large amounts of websites which deal specifically with the sale of visual arts items. In order to narrow down the voluminous options, one should have a specific type of visual arts product in mind prior to starting their online search for an item. By having a set visual arts product in mind, one can better ensure that they will find what they are looking for and not have it take all day in which to do so.

Another factor one should consider when taking part in visual arts online shopping is whether they are looking for an original or a reproduction item. This will affect the type of websites one should visit when looking to purchase their visual arts piece.

Price is another important factor that one whoever is shopping online for visual arts products should take into account. When buying products online, most companies will require that the amount of the item be paid in full the day that the product is purchased. Therefore, it is important to know how much one can spend on the visual arts item as well as how they will be paying for the item.

An additional factor that should be considered when buying visual arts items via an online shopping venue is what the product looks like. It is important that the company posts vivid and accurate photos on their website of the specific item as the individual does not have the luxury of viewing the artwork in person. Therefore, if a company does not post photos on their website of the item and refuses to send pictures of the item to the buyer prior to that individual purchasing the item, it may be in the best interest of the individual to shop elsewhere online for a piece of artwork.

By taking the aforementioned factors into account, one will be better able to embark on their visual arts online shopping trip with peace of mind.

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If you are teaching preschool arts and crafts and are looking for a Sea Horse theme, then here are any great ideas that you can use. First of all, children love the ocean and Sea Horses hold a special appeal to most preschoolers because of their unique appearance. If you are fortunate enough to bring live Sea Horses in your classroom, then you can display them in a tank. However, for most preschool teachers, this will not be an option and a more creative approach will be needed to ensure that your preschool arts and crafts Sea Horse theme is a success.

Tissue Paper Sea Horse

For this activity, you will need construction paper Sea Horse cut outs. Simply trace your Sea Horse template or shape on to construction paper then cut them out. For a free Sea Horse template that you may print visit here: http://www. firstschool. ws/t/cpseahorse. html
Let each child have any pre cut tissue paper and a little cup of Elmer’s glue. They can apply the glue with a paintbrush and decorate their Sea Horses with the tissue paper.

Underwater Sea Horse Scene

Here is an activity that you can use to create an underwater scene. This is a great addition for your preschool arts and crafts Sea Horse theme. First, you will need to print out this template of Sea Horses provided by First School. http://www. firstschool. ws/t/cp_animals/sea-horses. html

Have the children color the pictures with crayons. After children have finished their scenes, lightly paint over their pictures with blue tempera paint. This will give an underwater appearance to their pictures. As an alternative, you can have the children draw their scenes as well as Sea Horses, then color their pictures with crayons, and cover with the blue Tempera.

Sea Horse and Ocean Book for Preschoolers

For this activity you will need to print two copies of the Sea Horse template on cardstock (this will be the cover of the book). Again, you can find the free template here: http://www. first-school. ws/t/cpseahorse2. html. Next, you can add regular blank paper for the inside of the book. Have the children color and decorate the covers. Let the children paste pictures of ocean animals inside the book.

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For people whoever simply don’t have the luxury of time to go to university, going to an on the web university is the surest and quickest way to having the career of your choice. There are various on the web universities nowadays.

1. How They Work:

From the various on the web degrees that are available nowadays, you can take your pick from in-demand jobs such as nursing degrees, pharmacy technician degrees, massage therapy degrees as well as other health care degrees that’ll be able to help you in getting into the health care profession that you want.

2. Rapid Education

Still, the various on the web universities don’t only cater to the rapidly increasing health care industry. Other on the web universities also offer any good substitute courses for those whoever are not into the health care profession. With the current rise in demand for legal assistants, there are various on the web degrees that are meant for those whoever need to be legal assistants. Legal assistants are the people whoever will be aiding lawyers with their work. They are the ones whoever will be doing all the researching, filing as well as documenting all the relevant info and data the lawyers need to help them win their cases.

3. University Program Selection

Each on the web university has its own style or method of teaching which is why you need to first take a look at their syllabus before enrolling to any of their on the web degrees. During times when any may think that applying to an on the web university will help simplify their college life, there are still a lot of work to be done for you to be able to finish your on the web degree. People still do fail from on the web universities. They are not there to spoon feed you with information. All these on the web universities do is to provide you with the luxury of time to be able to pick out the schedule that’ll most fit your current lifestyle. Whether you are already a parent, working or have to attend to any other matters, an on the web university will be able to help you out in terms of making you able to maximize your time.

Also, you might need to visit various on the web university websites before signing up for one. Aside from comparing their educational programs, you can also compare the fees that they’ll be charging you for your on the web degree, the length of time that most students will be able to finish their degrees as well as if whether their programs are accredited by various institutions that are related to that field. You always have to be careful because the internet is a good place for people whoever need to make money out other people’s wrong beliefs, you must really now what you’re getting yourself into. Ask around. Your family, friends and colleagues might have a good idea on which of the available on the web schools are the reputable ones, it really is ideal to take a lot of extra precaution.

4. The Capella University

This is one of the most well-known on the web universities. It is also one of the few that are accredited to help busy professionals with their wish to have an on the web degree. The Capella on the web university provides their students with a strong learning community that’s built to motivate adult learners through the aid of real faculty members and a good education system that’s directed towards helping you become successful graduates of this on the web university. Aside from the usual courses, they also offer any health care related on the web degrees, like healthcare management for bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees.

5. The Art Institute

This on the web university is a unique program which is specifically designed for working professionals whoever wants to have another degree tugged under their belts. This on the web university offers a lot of various on the web degree programs such as the Bachelor of Science Degree Completion Program wherein students can learn through this on the web university to be able to help them increase their opportunities in various professions. There is also the highly coveted culinary on the web degree from this on the web university wherein it includes law and ethics, human resource management as well as accounting. This is ideal for students of this on the web university whoever wishes to open his or her own restaurant someday.

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Online colleges make obtaining a degree a possibility for anyone with access to the internet. If you have always dreamt of obtaining a degree or other certificate then online colleges are a great way to make that dream come true. One of the main benefits of studying with online colleges rather than conventional campus-based colleges is that you can work on your chosen subject at your own pace and at a time that suits you. Instead of having to attend classes and lectures you can fit your study in around work and family commitments. In particular, many stay-at-home moms are finding that online colleges offer course that they can take while the kids are at school in preparation for returning to work when the kids are older.

Many employees are overlooked for promotion at work because they lack formal qualifications but this is where online colleges come in. Instead of having to take time off work to be able to attend a regular college you can continue working your normal hours and access your course in your free time. If you have been with a company for a while and see no opportunity for advancement you can also study with any of the online colleges to enable you to find a new job whilst you are still earning.

Online colleges offer a varied range of course and have no time restriction in which you have to complete the modules. This gives you the freedom to study where and when you need to and a number of online colleges will allow you to take lengthy study breaks. Some courses do not require a formal exam at the end to obtain a diploma but consist of a number of assignments that are to be completed throughout the course. Most online colleges have specialist tutors who can communicate with the students by email or other means to give support and guidance to them throughout the course. Quite generally the online colleges will also have facilities to link students with each other so that they can discuss assignments.

There are online colleges based all around the globe and there are usually no residency restrictions applied. If you need to learn about French art then why not choose one of the online colleges based in France or one of the many Japanese online colleges to obtain a certificate in business management techniques then you can. Finding the right course is the easy part but deciding which of the online colleges you need to study it with is probably going to be the hardest choice to make. This is because there are literally millions of courses available through online colleges around the globe.

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If you have done any searching at all about colleges and online learning, you have probably gotten so many search results concerning online courses that it is giving you a headache. There are so many in a lot of cases, they are practically the same class they are simply different online courses through different colleges, and named a little differently.

Of all the online courses available, you have to literally be careful what words you use to do a search on or you will get oodles of online courses and all of them will have nothing to do with what you are really looking for.

Fortunately if you put in specific words in with your search results on the Internet then you will get the results you want, most of the time. Finding the right online courses that you would like to take doesn’t happen within a few minutes either. You really need to read all the details about the online courses and what the college it is through actually is offering as far as the online courses entail. Also, the fees, if there is any type of financial aid available or a way to find out, how long the online courses you are wanting in are going to take and so much more.

Over one hundred different web sites offer online courses for individuals to achieve any kind of degree, diploma or certificate. And believe it or not, in any instances, the online courses that are on the Internet are free depending on what it is you are looking for.

As far as the online courses being on the Internet go, choose a few different web sites, and do any comparing before you actually choose the online courses. Like, the fees, are the online courses about the same? What are the differences? Do any of the online courses include extra materials, or are any online courses that have to deal with the same subject take longer on one web site than another. These are all things to look into so you know what you are getting yourself into, before actually signing up.

In fact, when you find online courses you are wanting in and the college web site doesn’t offer enough information or answer the questions you might have, send an email requesting the additional information, don’t sign up for online course and then find out later they don’t really suit you and aren’t going to do you a whole lot of good. You need to be able to take online courses effectively to improve your future and not only take time out of your life without any benefits at all. As well, as paying for online courses that aren’t best suited for you. This doesn’t make much sense. However, there are a lot of online courses to take on the Internet and it can get confusing, so the best thing to do is to check out a few of the sites before you choose. Find out information for a few of the online courses before you take the online courses, then you know ahead of time, if they are going to suit you well and be a benefit to your future and what you plan on doing with the learning you get by taking the online courses.

Ballroom Dancing

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1. Just do it! Too many would-be dancers have convinced themselves, or let others tell them, that they ‘just cannot dance’, so they never even attempt to learn. If you can walk, you can learn to dance. Ballroom dancing is composed of steps, forward, back, to the side, and in place. It’s the combining of these steps in different ways that creates the pattern of a dance. The steps are learned one at a time, just like when you were two and learning to walk! Don’t let anyone discourage you, you CAN learn to dance!

2. Choose a studio carefully. All dance studios are not the same. It has been my experience that the best value for the money is with a locally owned, independent studio, rather than one of the nationwide chains. This is not always the case, but I’ve found it to be true more times than not. I would also strongly suggest that you find a studio that caters specifically to ballroom dancing, not one whose primary interest is ballet, tap, jazz, with only a couple of ballroom classes added as an afterthought.

3. Sign up first for a beginner group class. I recommend this for several reasons. Group classes are usually quite reasonably priced so there is no huge initial outlay of cash. Everyone in the group is just like you, a beginner, so there’s less chance of feeling silly if you miss a step or two. (And you will, but so will everyone else. You’ll quickly learn to just laugh it off and keep going. ) Whether or not you have a partner will not matter in a group class. Most instructors will rotate the partners in a class, partially to take care of uneven numbers of men and women, but also to improve each member’s ability to lead, if you’re a man, or follow, if you’re a woman. There’s a lot of joking and laughing during group classes as everyone learns new skills and makes mistakes doing so. They’re always a lot of fun, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you begin looking forward to the next class. Classes generally meet once a week, usually for an hour, for a period of 6 or 8 weeks, at which time you can choose to continue with that class or choose another.

4. Don’t get discouraged! You’ll probably come away from that first class feeling a bit overwhelmed and letting negative thoughts invade your head, telling you that you’ll never get it right. Simply not true! You fortunately cannot remember back when you were two and first learning to walk. How many times do you suppose you fell on your tushie before you actually made it all the way across the room?
What if you had told yourself to just give up, this is too hard, I’ll never learn this? I guess we’d all still be crawling! No, don’t give up. When you get home, try to repeat at least some of the steps you learned during that first class. Even if you cannot remember them by the time you get to your car, the next class almost always starts with a review of the last class. If you’ll stick to it for the duration of the 6 or 8 week session, you’ll come out on the under end with the knowledge of some basic moves under your belt, I promise.

5. What should you wear to class? The attire worn to ballroom dance classes is as varied as the people who attend them. Some wear jeans or slacks, some women prefer to dance in skirts or dresses. Wear clothes that are comfortable, perhaps a little loose, to give you the freedom to move without constriction. Another thing to consider when choosing your apparel is temperature. Most studios are kept a little on the cool side, so you may be tempted to wear a sweater or long-sleeved shirt. I would advise against this. Believe it or not, your body temperature will increase as you dance, to the point that some people actually perspire. A short-sleeved, lightweight shirt will serve you well. Be clean, casual and comfortable.

6. Your choice of shoes can make the difference between enjoying ballroom dancing and not being able to even master the steps. Please don’t make the mistake of wearing rubber-soled shoes. They don’t offer the proper traction for sliding, spinning or turning. A loafer-type is good, or any shoe with a smooth sole. For women, a shoe with a heel makes for attractive movements, but certainly is not a necessity when you’re first getting started. Later on, you may want to consider purchasing a pair of dance shoes. These are specifically designed to be worn on the dance floor and nowhere else. The soles are suede, allowing them to slide easily, which makes turns and spins almost effortless. Some studios offer dance shoes for sale, or there are many sites online from which you can order. I also don’t recommend wearing open-toed shoes, such as sandals or flip-flops. Remember you’re in a beginning class, and there is always the possibility of someone accidentally stepping on those toes!

7. Arrive a few minutes before the time the class actually begins. There is typically a sign-in sheet and many studios give out name tags to help you learn your fellow dancers. If you have dance shoes, you’ll need those extra minutes to change from your street shoes. Arriving early also gives you the opportunity to mingle a bit with others who are there for the same class. Nothing disrupts a class more than someone rushing in late while the instructor is demonstrating a new step.

8. Commit to practice. You will never become proficient in ballroom dancing, (or anything else, for that matter) without practice. If you’re having a problem with a particular step or pattern, it’s perfectly acceptable to hang around a few minutes after class and go through it a time or two with your partner. Practice the steps at home once or twice a day, you’ll be amazed how much better you retain them throughout the week and it will make the next class just that much easier. This is another benefit of arriving early for class, it affords you the time to practice those steps once more before the instructor begins. Most studios also offer a ‘practice party’ or ‘studio dance’ weekly or monthly. These are excellent for praacticing what you’ve learned as well as seeing the more accomplished dancers, which is what you’re striving to become! I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the studio dances and the role they play in honing your dancing skills. Make plans to attend whenever possible, even when you’re new and just starting out. Maybe even ESPECIALLY when you’re new and just starting out! The seasoned dancers are always happy to help a newcomer and the dances provide a perfect complement to your classes.

9. Enjoy all the non-dancing benefits of ballroom dancing. Through your dancing, you will find a boost in self-confidence, an increase in balance and an improvement in posture. Through your dancing, you will raise your heart rate, thus improving your cardiovascular health. Through your dancing, you will meet new people, make new friends, improve your social skills, and possibly establish new business contacts. The dance floor is a great equalizer. In a beginning class, everyone is a beginner, whether they are a doctor or lawyer, a construction worker, waitress or school teacher. For that hour each week, the stresses of daily life simply melt away as you immerse yourself in learning the steps and listening to the music and connecting with your partner. It’s great therapy and a lot cheaper than a psychiatrist!

10. Most importantly of all, HAVE FUN! It’s not a race or a competition, everyone arrives at the same place eventually, dancing with their partner and having a wonderful time. You may experience moments of frustration with yourself or your partner, but don’t let that overshadow all the benefits of becoming a ballroom dancer. If you find you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, consider a different dance. Perhaps the foxtrot or waltz is not your cup of tea, try the cha-cha, tango or the swing. Given time, you’ll find your most treasured and you can focus on that. My guess is that you’ll wind up like most ballroom dancers, loving them all and not wanting to stop until you’ve learned them all!

Welcome to the magical world of ballroom dancing!

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Buying a Bass Guitar – Parts of a Bass Guitar You Should Know About

So you feel that you’re ready for buying a bass guitar, but your not quite sure where to start? Well before you just walk into a guitar store and buy the first bass guitar they give you, it would be wise to gather up a little knowledge about the different variations you will likely encounter.

Here are some important terms and features that would be a good idea to get familiar with before you choose your first bass.

Scale Length

The scale length is measured in inches and refers to to vibrating length of the bass strings. The longer the neck is on the bass will mean that the scale length will be longer. A bassist with small hands will need to look for a smaller scale, because large scale bass guitars have more distance between each fret, and this will make it difficult for them to stretch their fret hand far enough.

Most Common Scale Lengths For Electric Bass

Xtra Long: 35+ in.

Long (Standard): 34 in.

Medium: 32 in.

Short: 30 in.

Check The Nut Width

The nut is usually a whit colored plastic component with grooves that guide the strings to the tunning pegs. The nut width is simply the width of the neck at the nut. Again, a wider nut will only give the small hand people a disadvantage.

Four String, Five String. . . ?

The very first bass was a four string bass and for many decades, it stayed that way. Today, a bass guitar is available in 4, 5, 6, all the way to 12 string. The four and five string bass are the two most common configurations, but it will depend on what style of music you play. The difference between the four and five string bass is that the five string adds a lower string. Here are the tuning for each:

Four String Tuning:


Five String Tuning:


Ballroom Dancing

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Ballroom dancing, like most other sports, (and if you don’t believe it’s a sport, get out there and do swing dancing for an hour or so and view if you don’t work up a sweat) has it’s own ‘uniform’ of sorts, including the style of clothing as well as the type of shoes worn. That varies, of course, depending on whether you’re going to class, a studio dance or a competition.

I generally hear the question – ‘What kind of shoes should I wear to dance in? It is my opinion that the very best choices for footwear are those designed especially for ballroom dancing and even more specifically for the exact dance style you plan to be doing. But until such time as you decide to reward yourself with that sexy strappy Latin shoe with the Cuban heel for the cha-cha or rhumba, or a gorgeous sequined number for the elegant waltz, practicing in street shoes is perfectly acceptable.

Now. . . having said that, let me quickly add that not only any street shoe will do. Styles that should be avoided include anything with rubber soles, like sneakers, (they just don’t give you the slide you need on the floor), open-toes (for obvious reasons, you’re still learning and chances are so is your partner), such as sandals or (heaven forbid) flip-flops! And yes, I’ve actually seen people show up for class wearing flip flops! Try to execute a double spin in those!

But, if you’ve a leather soled shoe, such as a loafer-type, or for men, a dress shoe style, these will usually accommodate you nicely. The most important feature is that they must be comfortable and not tight on your feet. If your feet are aching, you’ll soon be unable to focus on anything else.

The dance floor itself plays a part in the comfort level of your feet. Some studios have the proper flooring for dancing, which usually includes a cushiony, almost spring-like underflooring. This type floor enables dancers to dance for hours without feeling much effect. . . IF their shoes are also adequately comfortable. But some dance studios are built on a concrete slab, with only a layer of hardwood over it, and on those floors your poor feet will take a pounding.

When the time comes that you decide to invest in a good pair of dance shoes, shop around a bit. Prices and styles vary and the selection is almost endless. Prices can range from $30-50 on the low end to well over $200 on the high end. Dance shoes are designed not only to be best suited for dancing, but to enhance the overall aesthetics of your dance. . . you’ll simply look better out there on the floor.

Several of the features of dance shoes serve practical purposes. The ankle straps are not only eye-appealing, they actually help your feet stay firmly in your shoes. Some of the pump styles have elasticized rims on the uppers which ‘hugs’ the shoe to your foot. The heels are different heights and widths, depending on the style of dance they’re designed for. The soles are typically suede, which gives you the ability to really ‘glide’ as you dance across the floor, and are especially helpful when doing turns and spins.

To preserve the life of these suede soles, dance shoes should never be worn outside. Two other accessories that will extend the wear of your dance shoes – a carrying case for transporting them, and a sole brush to lift the nap of the suede every couple of weeks or so.

One final note – dance shoes (or any other shoe, for that matter) should be tried on in the late afternoon or evening, when your feet are typically at their largest. You’ll be requiring a lot of your feet over the span of your dancing experience. . . treat them right, dress them properly and you’ll have a good foundation on which to build a lifetime of ballroom dancing.

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No matter where you go on this great big planet of ours you are bound to come across at least a few golf courses. These days golf courses are the must have for all countries and that is because now more than ever, golf is a major tourist attraction. People travel far and wide to visit the best and most talked about golf courses. That is why so much time and effort, not to mention money is poured into these projects each and every year.

If you love to play golf then you know how great really good golf courses can be. Playing on world class golf courses is very different than playing on a poorly designed one. If you are like me, and like most true golfers, you search for the golf courses that will provide the most amazing game play of all.

The world would not be such a magnificent place as it is if not for great golf courses now would it. And who do we have to thank for these fantastic golf courses? Well here, we usually thank the USGA. They are the ones who have come up with the most amazing guidelines for golf course designers to follow. All of the best golf courses have been built to their find standards. Since way back in 1960 those who design golf courses have been building the most fabulous of all courses according to the ideas set out by the USGA and people from all around the world have been thanking their lucky stars.

The perfect golf courses are not only designed to provide the best golf game, they are also designed in a way that will look gorgeous. All of the greatest golf courses are a wonder of design I that they look glorious and they play like a dream. To live in a place with a view of these kinds of golf courses is something that most people dream of, that is how great they can look.

There is much more to the design of good golf courses though. Such as the number of slopes and waterways. Good golf courses will have plenty of both. These kinds of obstacles are necessary for any good and challenging game. No one wants their golf game to be too easy and that is why these types of things are added into the equation when designing golf courses. The intrigue the eye and provide you with amazing opportunities to outwit and out play your opponents.

Most of us take for granted the golf courses in out area. We just play there and have fun but we do not take into consideration the amount of work and planning that goes into each and everyone of these fantastic golf courses. It takes years to plan the best golf courses and it is about time that we recognized this fact and game the appreciation that they designers of golf courses deserve to them once and for all.

Corporate Events

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Holding a successful corporate event can have many benefits, from the obvious, such as team building and problem solving, to the not so obvious, such as increased productivity and morale. But what’s the best way to go about this sometimes daunting task?

Define your goals, e. g. team building
Before you think about the event itself, you need to identify what you need to achieve from it. You may need to reward your employees for a job well done, or perhaps have a fun day to increase staff motivation. Several events are designed to enhance skills such as team building, problem solving or leadership, and most events might be a combination of fun and learning. Compile a list of goals in order of importance so you can stay focussed on the aims of the day when deciding which event to run.

Organise internally or out-source to an event management company?
The next decision to make is whether to organise the event internally or to out-source the event to an event management or training company. Organising a corporate event internally is time consuming and costly, but it could be given as a development task to suitable staff. One of the pitfalls of organising corporate events yourself, is using an inexperienced facilitator, as they may not be capable of keeping the event on track or preventing things getting out of hand. Not only could an event management company provide an experienced facilitator, there is also the advantage of having an independent presence (or referee in any instances). Several companies have been shocked at the amount of time organising an event actually takes, from designing the event, sourcing the venue, booking the venue, sourcing and organising the equipment, preparing the venue, sorting out transport, organising the food and refreshments and obtaining public liability insurance, to paying the bills to various companies. An event management company will quote you one price covering everything, which leaves you free to enjoy the event, rather than worry about it.

Choose your event
So you know what you need from an event, and you know whoever will be organising it, but what exactly will you be doing on the day? The event needs to be chosen carefully to make certain you meet your desired goals whilst getting the most from the participants. Consider your audience. If one of your goals is to give people new experiences then you may need to run a very creative event for IT people or a chaotic event for auditors, but otherwise you may not get the best out of the staff if they are feeling way out of their depth and uncomfortable. Event management companies will offer a list of events to suit your goals and people, leaving you to choose the most appropriate one. They will also tailor events to your requirements, and will have run these events many times before, so you might be sure of the outcome. If you are organising the event yourself, you need to make certain it does actually give you the required benefits. It is all too simple to get carried away and an idea, and later realise it changed so much that the event didn’t achieve many of the original goals. If you are organising it internally, you’ll also need a practice run, preferably at the actual venue, to iron out any practical problems before the big day.

Analyse the outcome
Particularly if the event had goals other than just having fun, it is important to analyse the outcome. You, or the event management company, can obtain feedback from the participants in the form of questionnaires. You also need to consider the less tangible benefits from the event, for example, are the team now gelling better together, is productivity up due to a better team morale, or has sickness reduced? Think about what you can learn from the feedback, such as understanding your staff better, making changes to the workplace/procedures, or shaping future events. An event management company will commonly help with this analysis if required, and even facilitate follow-on sessions if necessary.

Good luck with your event!

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With the rise of the Internet and the opportunities it now provides, a new type of college student is swiftly emerging, making a big splash on the college scene. Imagine being able to earn a college degree without ever attending a traditional classroom!

A wealth of colleges and universities have now gone online, enabling college students both young and old to earn an associates, bachelors, masters or even a PhD degree online. Or, you can simply take a few classes to help learn a new subject or to finish a diploma or certificate.

Online Degrees for Both High School Grads and Professionals

When you think of online colleges and universities, you may assume that it is an educational option mainly for busy professionals or older people whoever need to go back to school. But online college degrees are becoming more popular with recent high school and college graduates ready to take the next step in their educational advancement.

Here are three great reasons for new graduates to think about earning their degree online:

Conveniently Scheduled Classes on Your Time

Traditional campus-based undergraduate and graduate college courses are scheduled anywhere from early morning to late evening. Trudging back and forth across campus due to a staggered schedule, or trying to schedule your classes around a part-time job or an internship may be overwhelming. But an accredited online college can work with you, offering most, if not all of your classes online with various time options available for you to choose from. Take your classes when it is most convenient for you from the comfort of your own home.

Learn at Your Own Pace

At an accredited online college, you set the pace of your studies and determine the sequence and style of learning that is right for you. This helps develop time management skills and means less stress for you since you’re on your own schedule and not at the mercy of other student’s learning style.

Make More Money

It is a well known fact that people with college degrees and advanced degrees earn much more than their high school or GED counterparts. According to the U. S. Census, workers 18 and over sporting bachelors degrees earn an average of $51,206 a year, even though those with a high school diploma earn $27,915. But wait, there’s more. Workers and an advanced degree make an average of $74,602, and those without a high school diploma average $18,734. *

There are so many online colleges in the US and abroad that it may be difficult to choose the best online university degree program. But no matter which one you choose, the advancements in educational technology provide you with the opportunity to get the accredited professional education you desire.

*Source: U. S. Census Bureau

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In this era when education is more than mere literacy mostly all individual wants to acquire it from the best place possible. A surge in the number of people aspiring for education and net as an abounding source of knowledge in all areas have given birth to online education. And so today there are countless online universities that offer numerous degree and diploma courses through net and so bring education at your doorstep. So a person might be situated in any corner of the world he/she can acquire best information on a subject by mere sitting at home. The online universities serve you with proficient teachers who conduct online classes and exams. By sending an email or via conference with the teacher a student can get all his queries clarified. Though online education is quite expensive and does not fall within mostly all aspirant’s budget but at the same time it is also money saving in quite a few ways. For instance online education saves you from the commutation expenditure, money you spend on stationary, outfits etc.
But today there are a horde of online universities that offer various courses and several other lures to woo students. However there are certain parameters that enable an individual to decide which online university he should go for.

• The foremost issue of consideration is the ‘course’. Try not to compromise on the choice of your course for any other pull that the university is offering. Search for the best online university for your desired course.

• Then take a look at the expenditure. If the course is far beyond your budget, no point probing into further details. In such a case take a look at the other universities that offer that course. The best thing about online universities is the myriad options available. So you will definitely find a university that meets your budget.

• After course and its fees comes the issue of classes, duration of the course etc. It is always prudent to opt for a university that provides lot many classes. For taking classes is an excellent way to comprehend the subject, clarify your doubts and difficulties and also to keep in touch with your studies. Also see the timings of the classes and tenure of the course. For the online education is just not quite beneficial if you are not able to take classes due to job or any other work and fail to do well in exams. Moreover the span of the course should be suitable to you.

• Then what matters is the faculty of the university. Take a look at the faculty directory and see the qualification of the concerned teachers.

• It is always better to go for a university that caters to job facility. If the online university itself does not recommend any placements then its degree should be one that fetches you a good job. This is basically concerned with the university’s reputation. The university’s remarkable reputation is a significant factor in fetching a respectable job. There are some sites that rank various online universities on the basis of their academic status. Some recommended universities are University of Phoenix Online, Capella University and DeVry University

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Ballroom dance is a style of dancing with a partner of the opposite sex, which has its origins in the Western Europe and is now enjoyed at both social gatherings and competitions around the globe. It’s a form of entertainment which is widely enjoyed on stage, films, and on television. There are a variety of social dances performed by couples in the ballroom like Foxtrot, Tango, Waltz, Swing, Cha Cha, Polka, Charleston, Jitterbug, Merengue etc.

In the early 20th century, the on-screen dancing pair Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers greatly influenced ballroom dancing in the USA. Ballroom dance was popularized in U. S. by Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire, who established ballroom dance studios throughout U. S. Here ‘Fred & Ginger’ classes and workshops introduced the “American Smooth” style of ballroom dance. The other popular one is the “American Rhythm”. Ballroom dance contests are particularly popular in Europe and feature both amateur and professional dancers. The other types include Nightclub Dances such as Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing and Hustle. In Europe, Latin Swing dances include Tango Argentino, Lindy Hop, Mambo, Swing Boogie and Disco Fox.

Variety and Judgment in Ballroom Dancing

Classic and Vintage dance groups are dedicated to the performance and preservation of ballroom dances of the past, having its origins in the folk dances associated with a particular place, time and costumes like The Twist, Minuet, Quadrille, Mazurka etc.

In U. S. amateur dance proficiency levels are defined by USA Dance as Bronze->Silver->Gold for syllabus dancers and Novice -> Prechampionship -> Championship for open competitors. Among professionals, the levels are classified as Rising Star and Open Professional. In a competition, ballroom dancers are judged by various criteria such as connection, frame, posture, speed, proper body alignment, proper usage of weight/ankles/feet and grooming.

Each type of dance has its own specific set of movements and dancing methods. While dancing in a crowd, always move counterclockwise around the floor following an imaginary line of dance for both the Waltz and the Fox Trot. The Swing, on the other hand, is more of a confined dance and is great for dancing on crowded dance floors. The people that are moving fast are on the outside of the floor while those who are moving slower or in more confined areas are in the middle. In other words, Waltz and Fox Trot are typically done on the outside of the dance floor Swing is performed in the center.

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If someone just studies a few recent corporate recruitment advertisements, there will be at least a thing he or she will find common in almost all of them. The recruiters are putting much emphasis on hiring a one-team man rather than a one-man team, in the management category at least.

In accordance to this shift, the office atmosphere is changing too. CEOs of the companies at present are accessible to general employees more than ever before. The visual distance is cut short. Office decorations are changing with more and more interlinked and free sitting arrangements. At this age, one can never ignore the psychological affect on human beings created by the respective surroundings.

The corporate houses these days are spending huge amounts to unite the workforce into an active team. Active and spontaneous participation of employees in both internal and external affairs of the company and even in the decision making process are regarded as the path of progress.

The main problem in the corporate team building process namely ‘distancing’ is predominantly inherent in employees’ as well as in the employer’s psyche. It is one of the basic instincts of human beings.

The primary team building process is constantly fighting to throw away ‘distancing’ to a great distance. The ideal corporate team building events concentrate on bringing together employees who do not always get the chance to come in close, if not in personal contact with each other.

The prhyme ideological stand is that, if an employee does not know his or her co-workers then he or she cannot actively participate to boost up the company profile and morale as a whole. It is all about fixing the SELF, not into the category named OTHER, but under the umbrella named WE.

The corporate event management companies divide the employees into various groups. Apparently, it seems that the process is breaking the basic notion of team building activities, but in fact, it just adds to the notion.

The participants here never feel rivalry among themselves. They are conscious that it is merely a game though they need to win. Thus, they fail to concentrate on the issue that it is a part of the team building exercise tailored by the company. This lack of concentration on the subtle issue ultimately does the trick. The idea of the team is built in the consciousness of the participant that excludes the visual divisions.

The job is done.

However, a Corporate Hospitality Company must be cautious of the standard and socio-cultural background of the participants. Otherwise, the whole process may go in vain.

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My name is Stephen Hill. I am thirty-two years of age and live in Birmingham, England. From the age of four I unfortunately had a speech impediment known as stuttering. This impediment basically ruined my life for eighteen years before I finally managed to overcome the stutter. This article is all about stuttering or as any people call it stammering.

Stammering or stuttering can have a dramatic effect on somebodys confidence and it certainly seemed to my crush mine. It made me accept second best in life and stopped me living my life as I wanted to.

It is extremely difficult for a fluent person to comprehend how hard it is to live your life with a speech impediment or stutter.

I now run one to one speech courses which are held in Birmingham. A couple of years ago one of my clients told me about a situation he had been involved in. He and his friends went to a bar one Saturday afternoon to have a few drinks. After a couple of pints he went up to the bar to order himself a drink. Unfortunately he could not speak all of the words fluently and the barman accused him of being drunk and refused to serve him. He tried to explain that he was not drunk but had a stutter, however the barman relpied, that’s what they all say.

He returned to his friends who asked him where his drink was. He told them what had happened, this itself was very embarressing.

This is a typical situation people who have a stutter or stammer find themselves in.

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Some universities and colleges are famous for doing it well in particular areas like for example research, student environment or even famous professors. Some schools have specialized in certain professions which make them more lucrative but less accessible for those who want to study these professions. It has been said that the most rewarding career one can embark upon is one which serves the people. For the thousands of people who graduate each year with a degree in social work related fields they dedicate their lives to helping those who are less fortunate or need assistance in times of needs. When it comes to choosing a college to earn a degree in this field there are certain schools that stand out and truly deserve to be called the best.

Whether your pursue your degree in a local community college, University or through online education there are certain criteria you are undoubtedly looking for to make sure the school you choose is the best for your field. Some of the things that you should look for when making a decision include: What type of programs do they offer in the social sciences? Are they recognized by any national or world-wide institutes or organizations that deal with public service? How have they earned accreditation in this field? No doubt as you begin your search these questions and many others are going to be part of a comprehensive list you develop to help you in choosing the appropriate educational institution.

As you explore your options don’t forget to also check with local and state agencies that provide services to the public in your field to ask them if they can recommend higher education choices. Many times these organizations are thrilled to help someone who wants to pursue this type of work and can not only recommend schools but also help mentor you as you pursue your degree. Often these types of mentoring relationships can lead to full-time employment after graduation.

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Baltimore International College (BIC)

Baltimore’s leading institution for culinary arts and hospitality management degrees is Baltimore International College (BIC). Baltimore International College was founded in 1972. It is a regionally accredited, independent college offering specialized baccalaureate and associate degrees and certificates through its School of Culinary Arts and School of Hospitality Business and Management.

College programs are taught by industry-experienced chefs and professors from around the world. They incorporate a blend of theory and academics with hands-on experience. Students participate in internships at college-operated establishments or externships at approved locations.

The College’s Baltimore, Maryland campus is located just two blocks from the famous Inner Harbor and in easy walking distance of many of the city’s major attractions.

Students who excel in their classes may be eligible for the College’s honors program, which is five weeks in length and taught at the College’s Ireland Campus. The culinary students work in the hotel’s award-winning kitchen, while hospitality management students learn the day-to-day operations of the hotel.

College of Notre Dame of Maryland

College of Notre Dame of Maryland was the first Catholic women’s college in the country to award the four-year baccalaureate degree. Maryland has a long and proven history of educating women for leadership.

College of Notre Dame of Maryland was founded in 1873 and is located on a beautiful 58-acre wooded campus 15 minutes north of downtown Baltimore. There are 26 majors, numerous study abroad programs, financial aid and scholarships, and internship opportunities.

The College of Notre Dame of Maryland offers women:

•Personal attention

•Heightened self-confidence and encouragement to assume leadership positions on and off campus

Other benefits offered include:

•Service learning as part of the coursework in many departments

•More than 30 clubs and organizations that foster leadership and teamwork

•Attention to diversity as illustrated in its international student population in the English Language Institute

•Services for learning-disabled students

•An honors program

•Advanced placement credit

•Double majors

•Independent study

•Off-campus study

•Part-time degree programs

•Undergraduate and graduate programs for professional women and men

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We’re running a conference in three months”, said the CEO, “Find me a really good venue and make sure we don’t break the bank”. So, in around twenty words, you’ve been promoted (or demoted) to Event Manager. You may have little or no experience in this field and training is most definitely on-the-job and it starts now!

Just about everyone with space to rent is into providing a venue for all types of event. You can choose from purpose built training facilities, hotels, mansions, castles, conference halls, exhibition centers, art galleries, museums, universities and colleges. You can be sure that every one will be different and will have its own particular attributes that will make it attractive for your event. You can also be sure that the venue that best meets your needs is also very popular with other users, so early booking is essential to make sure that you are not scratching around and compromising with a venue that does not quite meet your needs. The selection process can be a nightmare because sometimes it is like comparing apples with oranges. So, before you even look, get out a blank sheet of paper and write down what your event will demand from a venue to contribute towards its success.

Here are a few suggestions:

* On which dates will you require the venue? Do you need a rehearsal day as well as the actual event?

* How many people do you want to invite? Do the numbers need to be flexible up and down?

* How much parking will your event need?

* Should the venue be within a certain distance of your office; say, a forty minute drive?

* Is the image of the venue important? e. g. an inexpensive no-frills venue will be appropriate for that Cost Cutting Seminar whereas an Executive Selection Workshop might benefit from an up-market mansion house venue.

* How should they be sitting? Lecture style, Conference style, Restaurant Style? With or without tables? Maybe on bean bags?

* Will you have a projection screen? How big will it be?

* How will the stage be arranged?

* What sound and visual aids will your presenters be using? Will you provide video, overhead or slide projectors and a sound system or will you expect the venue to do this?

* Will your delegates need overnight accommodation on site or close by?

* Do you need break-out rooms for smaller discussions?

* Do you need an assembly area for event registration, an info exhibition and coffee breaks?

* If a meal is included in the event, will it be a buffet or a sit-down meal?

* Do you need early or late access to the venue for preparation, assembly and dismantling purposes?

* How many power points do you need and where in the room should they be.

* Do you need outdoor space for Icebreaker activities? Will the Icebreaker suppliers require additional facilities?

* Do you need refreshments on the delegate tables and do they need to be refilled at every break?

* What cost per delegate must you not exceed?

Some of this info may not be available in detail at an early stage in the project, however you should make an educated guess and, if anything, over-specify to ensure that your venue will be more than capable of fulfilling your needs.

Armed with your detailed specification, you can now do some desk research using recommendations, Yellow Pages and the internet to draw up a long list of potential venues. Call each venue by telephone to check that they meet the basic requirements; they have appropriate rooms available on the dates you specify, they can provide the additional services and they are within your cost parameters. These calls will immediately shorten your list and you may be left with only a handful that you need to visit, preferably with a colleague, with a view to rating them against your criteria.

Bringing a colleague with you, especially someone whoever specializes in being skeptical, will prevent you from being totally consumed by a good sales pitch and will give you time to look at the small details.

Using this process usually generates a clear winner but if you are fortunate enough to have two or three venues to choose from, select the venue that is staffed by a team you believe that will work most effectively with your own team.

Don’t ever be fooled by how simple the CEO makes it sound; venue finding is a serious and time-consuming business and can mean the difference between luck and failure for your conference, workshop, roadshow or seminar. With a little thinking time, the right questions and, of course, the right info you’ll feel better equipped and more confident that the venue you choose really meets the requirements.

Ballroom Dancing

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Step one: Put on your dancing shoes. Step two: Grab a partner. Step three: Tango!

Ballroom dancing, from the fox trot to the charleston, has long been a popular part of American culture. Adults love it, but lately, younger generations have been tapping into the music and rhythm of the waltz and the cha-cha – dances that once excited their parents and grandparents.

This is due in part to ballroom dancing’s resurgence in television and film.

In the recent documentary “Mad Hot Ballroom,” now available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment, pupils from three New York City schools discover the world of ballroom dancing through 10 weeks of required classes taught by the American Ballroom Theater.

The film showcases the children’s candid, innocent and hilarious perspectives as they are transformed from typical urban kids to “ladies and gentlemen. “

With each scene, the audience watches as they strive to meet their ultimate goal – the final city competition known as the Rainbow Team Matches.

Kids are not the only ones with a renewed interest in the dance form. Parents, too, are recognizing the potential of ballroom dancing in keeping their children occupied, out of trouble and in shape.

Studies on the benefits of ballroom dancing conducted by California State University at Long Beach show that even beginning students can get their heart rates up to near-maximum training rates with a five-minute warm-up and a 20-minute cha-cha, polka or swing. Moderate ballroom dancing burns between 250 and 300 calories per hour. Vigorous dancing can burn as many as 400 calories per hour.

Along with its benefits to the body, ballroom dancing develops coordination and teaches children important lessons in social interaction and good manners.

Fine Arts

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If you only train against a heavy bag, or practice & rehearse

self defense drills in a mcdojo, or are being trained by an arm

chair instructor with no real fight experience your in trouble!

Now listen this is very crucial for all the information you know

and all your hard work and training. You need to purchase a

martial artshelmet, and 16 oz open hand mma gloves, find a

park with a training partner and get out there and practice

fighting through sparring exercises!

You need to feel the stress and pressure of engaging an

opponent, feel the pain of being hit, feel the stress of having

fists and kicks flying at you, I even recommend sparring with

no gloves or helmets once you and your partner are good.

You may have all my self defense and fighting tips memorized

and I commend you for it, but if you don’t have any experience

of being hit, timing, speed, range of motion, and actual fighting

experience you could end up dead after a street attack.

You need to be able to be calm and relaxed while you are

having fists hitting your wrists, punching your face, being

grabbed and attacked. The only way you can develop this

sense of calm is through experience only.

Continue studying and training in your martial art and do sparring

and practicing combat with a partner, safety gear and raw

aggression. It will enhance your performance at minimum

a 110%

1 2 3